The Importance of Roofing Warranties


What do most people take into consideration when purchasing a new roofing system for their home? It’s safe to assume that most people would consider the shingles, the insulation, and the contractor responsible for installing the system. One thing a lot of people overlook and is a  very important part of the big picture is the warranty. A good roofing warranty can save you thousands of dollars while a bad one could have a sizable impact on your finances.



So what does a good roofing warranty cover? Well, a good roofing warranty should cover every aspect of the system. Let’s dive into the specifics.


  • Workmanship: It’s extremely important to obtain a material warranty that also covers workmanship problems. If you purchase a warranty from your contractor, and they go out of business, there goes your warranty and the money you paid for it. When it comes down to saving a little money and protecting your home in the long term, it’s usually best to protect your home. Your home protects you and you need to protect your home. Make sure you obtain a workmanship warranty. 



  • Coverage length: Different shingles will require different coverage lengths. You can get away with a 20 year warranty on an entry level shingle because after 20 years it will be time to replace them anyway. Likewise, more expensive shingles with a longer lifetime will require a longer warranty.


  • Defective Materials: Your roof should be able to withstand years of hammering from mother nature regardless of the shingles and materials you choose. If your materials start to show signs of failure earlier than their expected lifetime, your wallet will thank you for going for that warranty. 



Warranties are there for worst case scenario situations. It’s important to choose quality materials and a contractor that truly works for you. If you’re a homeowner in need of a new roof, our team here at Orange Elephant roofing is here to make your life easier with locations all around the United States. If you’re unsure about the quality or remaining lifespan on your roof, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you.