Storm Damage

Signs of Storm Damage Repair

To the untrained eye, minor roof hail damage can often appear like normal wear and tear. However, it can cause your roof to age faster or result in water damage and other problems. The severity of storm damage repair depends on many factors, including the size of the hail, wind speed and direction, and the type of roof you have. While most asphalt shingle roofs stand up well against small or mild hail storms, large or excessive hail can lead to real problems. If your roof is already in poor condition, large hail could even puncture your roof.

  • Asphalt granules in the gutter
  • Cracked, broken or missing shingles
  • Dark spots that feel bruised or soft
  • Random damage with no pattern
  • Shiny or bald spots on your shingles

In addition to your roof, we check your gutters, siding, air conditioner unit, chimney cap, and any other exterior parts of your property for damage. We document the damage with photographs for your benefit.

Fast Roof Repair

Hail storms can come and go quickly, sometimes with little warning. Often accompanied by rain or high winds, these storms can lead to extensive roof damage if not repaired in a timely manner. If you need hail damage roof repair, call our team at Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction at (833) OER-ROOF. We have repaired storm-damaged roofs throughout the Midwest. No matter where you are located, we are happy to help get your roof back in top shape.

Contact the team at Orange Elephant Roofing & Construction at (833) 637-7663 for commercial roofing in Dallas/Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Denver and Charleston.

Residential Roofing