How To Tell When Your Roof Has Problems

How To Tell When Your Roof Has Problems

Roofing repairs can be expensive. All it takes is one leak and BOOM. Now you need thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Identifying roof problems is simple as long as you know what to look for. After inspecting your roof, Orange Elephant Roofing and Construction can perform a free inspection to confirm your concerns or provide peace of mind. Here’s how you can identify roof problems before calling the pros.

Identifying Problems With Your Roof


Outside Damage

When inspecting the outside of your roofing system, there are a few things to look out for.


Keep an eye out for areas on your roof that droop down and become concave. This problem is most often caused by sheathing that is too thin to support the weight of your shingles. By identifying drooping areas and addressing the issue early, you can save thousands of dollars in repairs needed in the event of water penetrating this area.

Clogged Gutters

Don’t overlook your gutters when inspecting your roof. Staying on top of your gutter cleaning is crucial to preventing damage to your roofing system. When your gutters become clogged, water can seep under your shingles and into your attic, causing mold and requiring expensive repairs.

Missing Shingles 

Missing shingles leave your home vulnerable to damage from hail, wind, rain, and more. If you find missing shingles, check your attic for moisture. If all looks well, call a trusted roofing company like Orange Elephant Roofing and Construction to learn more about the process of replacing the missing shingles.


Algae is not typically a sign of a severe problem. If the roof has patches of algae, inspect your attic for moisture and mold. If everything is normal, remove the patches of algae and keep an eye out for future growth.

Inside Damage

Inspecting your attic is just as important, if not more critical, as inspecting your shingles. There are a few things to look out for when inspecting your attic.


Moisture is usually a sign of a leak. We recommend checking your attic on a sunny day so that holes or cracks will be noticeable. If you find moisture but no cracks or holes, check any pipes in the area that could be leaking. If you’re unable to find the source of the moisture, get in touch with a trusted roofing company like Orange Elephant Roofing and Construction to help identify the problem.


Mold is a nasty problem that often signifies other issues with your roofing system. If your attic has mold, you have a moisture problem. We recommend grabbing a flashlight to help locate where the moisture could be coming from then setting up a consultation with a roofing company to determine how the problem can be resolved and prevented in the future.

When To Inspect Your Roof

Most homeowners are safe inspecting their homes every six months. If you live in a region experiencing bad weather regularly, having your roof professionally inspected every three months is a great move. We recommend checking your roof yourself after any storm as a precaution.

Addressing roof problems is something that most homeowners will have to deal with at some time or another. With regular inspections and hiring a trustworthy roofing company, you can prevent severe damage and save yourself thousands in repairs. If you need to figure out whether to repair or replace your roofing system, check out our blog!